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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are One Health Ohio facilities free clinics?

A.  No. ONE Health Ohio is partially supported financially by a health grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration. Our facilities are not government clinics, nor are they free clinics.

We take care of patients with no insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, private insurances, and those whose insurance does not cover a lot of medical services. If you have no insurance or are under-insured, you may qualify for a sliding fee scale based on your family income and number of people living in your household. To qualify for this fee scale, you must submit an application and show proof of income — either through pay check stubs or tax return forms.


Q.  Does One Health Ohio take all insurances?

A.  We take most insurance, but not all. We may not take some of the commercial HMO’s. If you’re a new patient, please call ahead of time to verify that we take your insurance plan. If you’re not satisfied with the answers, please ask to speak to either the site director or the front desk manager.


Q.  Are the doctors part~time doctors?

A.  Some of our doctors are part-time, but most are full-time, board-certified physicians and dentists. They are employed by ONE Health Ohio and are committed to taking care of our patients to the best of their ability.


Q.  What health services can I get?

A.  You would have to visit several different doctor’s offices, and many additional locations, to find all the services we have in one place at One Health Ohio. Among the services provided at most of our sites are:

Family medical care

Dental care


Behavior health services,

Eye exams and glasses fitting

Women’s health,

Hearing and speech services

Children’s health care

Immunizations, including flu shots

Work, school and sports physicals


Q.  Why do I sometimes have to wait so long?

A.  Most of the wait time in the waiting room is due to the insurance processing the front desk staff must do. Sometimes it takes a very long time to get insurance verification. Every once in awhile, our doctors do get behind because many of our medical and dental cases are complicated and it may take more time to help these patients.


Q.  Can I have my surgery done at the clinic?

A.  No. We do not do surgeries at our offices. Surgeries are generally done by surgeons at the hospital.


Q.  Do your dentists do root canals?

A.  Right now, our dentists only offer primary dental care: tooth extraction (pulling), fillings, cleanings, and scaling.


Q.  Who do I tell if I want to praise an employee for their kindness or good work, or if I have a complaint?

A.  Each of our offices has a Site Coordinator/Director. Ask the person you’re talking with if you can speak to him or her. If the Director is not able to come to the phone at that time, leave a message with your name and phone number. If you do not hear back within two hours, please call again and indicate you had previously called. If you are at the site, please write your complaint down and give it to the front desk staff who can give it to the Site Director.